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Mini-interview with CEO of Premium Black Garlic Producer

lisa-lloydBGL was thrilled to pose a few questions to Lisa Lloyd, the CEO of Obis One LLC, a premium producer of organic black garlic. Lisa gave us gracious and informative answers that help us all know and love the product even more …

BGL:  How many bulbs of black garlic will you produce this season?

LL:  We will create approximately 20,000 bulbs of black garlic this year. Remember that we start by growing the raw garlic and then age it to create black garlic. The growing season for the raw garlic is from October – July … [We will] harvest … [and] then it will need to be cured for a couple of months before it can be aged.

BGL:  What is the most popular black garlic product that Obis One produces?

LL:  Our Black Crack seems to be the most popular product – it goes off the shelf fast and customers keep coming back for more! I think customers enjoy the intense black garlic flavor and it’s versatility of use. Folks have told us that they use Black Crack on everything from their scrambled eggs, salads, pastas, popcorn to pizza.

BGL:  Do you have a favorite black garlic product?

LL:  I have to say it’s the Black Crack too, though the Black Garlic Sea Salt is a close second!

BlackGarlicManBGL:  What is the most memorable or delicious dish that you’ve had with black garlic?

LL:  We were invited to the International Food Show in New York City by Chef Fred Sabo of the Metropolitan Museum of Art member’s dining room. He provided a demo using our black garlic in a puree he used for a vegetarian bite that was beautiful and delicious!

All of us black garlic lovers can look forward to many more bulbs, innovative products and delicious dishes in the future, thanks to the efforts of Lisa Lloyd, her husband Pat Lloyd and all the great people at Obis One!

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  1. BlackGarlicMan says:

    All of the premium, organic products sold by Obis One are raised, harvested and produced on the oldest working farm in the state of New Jersey!

  2. BlackGarlicMan says:

    Garlic harvested and hung to be cured before aging …

  3. BlackGarlicMan says:

    My wonderful relatives are still producing black garlic products …

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