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Fall Bounty Chili

fall-bounty-chiliThis is a delicious, hearty and healthful chili with lots of veggies, lean beef, chorizo sausage, spices and a bit of Obis One black garlic! My resourceful wife had roasted a pumpkin and then frozen the pureed, strained pumpkin meat – you could certainly buy canned pumpkin puree (just make sure you it’s plain puree and not pumpkin pie filling). Otherwise, cook low and slow, taste for seasonings and maybe have it with some corn bread! Great dish for the upcoming colder weather. Yum!

1 1/2 cups diced carrots
1 cup diced onions
1 cup diced celery
1/2 cup diced green pepper
1/2 cup diced red pepper
1 1/2 cups pureed pumpkin (fresh or canned)
veggies3/4 pound diced sirlion (or other lean beef you like)
3/4 pound chorizo sausage (uncooked)
1 28 oz. can crushed tomatoes
1 14 oz. can diced tomatoes (I like the petite diced)
1-2 cans beans (use whatever kind you like and drain and rinse if you wish, but not mandatory)
Chili seasoning (buy a pack of it at the store or make your own – try this recipe!)
1 cup beef broth
6-8 Organic Black Garlic Peeled Cloves, diced or run through garlic press
1/4 teasppon Obis One Oomami food enhancer (optional)
Salt and peppper to taste
Diced raw onions, grated cheese, sour cream, etc. for toppings

BTW, the above recipe will produce about 3-4 quarts of chili (probably eight servings or more) – the pictures shown are for a double batch …
Get a large, heavy-bottomed pot (I used my ceramic coated cast iron pot) and add a tablespoon or two of olive oil. Heat until just shimmering and then add the beef and sausage. Cook over high heat to brown meats (if you can get a little crust on the beef, all the better). After meat is browned, remove from pot with slotted spoon and set aside. Leave drippings/juices from meat in the pot, set heat to medium-high and throw in all the veggies. Cook veggies until they are starting to soften and then add canned beans. Cook until nice and hot and then add reserved meat. Stir well and then add crushed and diced tomatoes – again, stir well. Add your chili seasoning and beef broth. The mixture will look very thick, but as it cooks, the veggies will give up some of their liquid and will reduce in size. Stir and heat until just bubbling, then lower heat, put on lid and let simmer for 45 minutes or so. Add
black garlic and Oomami (if using). Stir well and taste for seasonings (it will probably need a bit of salt and maybe a couple of crack of fresh black pepper). Bring back to a slow bubble, put lid back on and simmer on medium-low for another hour. Now take a look! It should be thick and hearty, with lots of body from the veggies and beans.

Serve in bowls and top with your favorite things – and maybe a dash of hot sauce, if you like! Enjoy!

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