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Black Garlic Relish v1.0

hotdog2I was having hot dogs one evening and had a number of toppings – catsup, mustard, onions, chili, etc. – and it dawned on me that a new hot dog topping could be made with black garlic – black garlic relish! I ran a few cloves of black garlic through the garlic press and then mixed it with a couple of tablespoons of dill relish. I added a little salt and pepper and, hey! – it was pretty good.

I have called this version 1.0 because I want to keep tinkering with it. Maybe I will use sweet relish next time – the sweetness might work well with the balsamicy, garlicky sweetness of the black garlic. Or maybe some fresh minced onion? Let us know if you have any good ideas! Picture shows two hot dogs with chili and black garlic relish – sorry the dogs are a bit of a mess, but they were yummy!

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