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Black Garlic Man – “Black Garlic Equivalents”

black-garlic-equivBlack Garlic Man tries an experiment to see if he can gauge how much Obis One Black Crack equals one clove of Obis One peeled organic black garlic.  After finely mincing the clove, Black Garlic Man put some Black Crack in a small amount of water, to rehydrate the dried, ground black garlic.  After about a half an hour in the water, it was strained through a fine sieve (and coffee filter) and the results put on a dish.  The minced black garlic clove was placed next to it and after a small amount of adjustment it was determined that an average-sized clove of finely minced black garlic equals approximately 1/2 teaspoon of Black Crack.  So there you go!

See Black Garlic Man in “Black Garlic Equivalents”!

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